SeasonedTravelr, aka Jessica

Bio: I'm a California gal who has lived in both Barcelona and Germany, and I aim to explore as much of Europe as I possibly can! Wine lover, foodie, novice photographer and shoestring traveler. I write about all of my travel experiences, language learning tips, and anything food-related.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jessy,

    my name is Gabriela and I run the blog How to feel like Catalan (http://howtofeellikecatalan.com/).

    I just found your blog and I was wondering if you might like to participate in a project.

    I recently started new series based on interviews with people who have come to live here – the sort of question and answer thing you often get in a magazine which is easy to read and interesting too. You can find the interviews here: http://howtofeellikecatalan.com/category/la-vida-loca/

    I wonder if you would like to take part in this? I have about ten questions – just the sort of things that people ask me all the time: what do you like, don’t like, miss about your country, etc. I also would like to ask you for some photos (4-5 about you in Catalonia).

    If you would like to do it then I can send you the questions.

    Thank you for considering the answer.

    Please contact me via e-mail: gabriela@howtofeellikecatalan.com.

    Best wishes,



  2. Hi

    I can’t really say I know a lot about you from the limited bio but any California girl smart enough to recognize that the quality of life has gone to shit and will only get worse is ok in my book. When I moved to SF in 1988, way before you were born, California was a great place to live at the forefront of change. Sadly it’s become an invasion of Mexican culture, unskilled workers, a division of wealth that allows some to afford a $600k mortgage like the young couple who bought our house while others earn college degrees only to work at Target

    Good luck with whatever you do and kudos for doing it at your age

    Rob and Diane


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