It’s Becoming Real


It has been a long but exciting week. My work schedule was a little crazy in the beginning; I was working 3 morning shifts in a row (starting at 6am) by myself which left me with only 3-4 hours of sleep every night since I have a hard time falling asleep before midnight. I also don’t like morning shifts because all I want to do when I get home around 3pm is take a nap.  Those shifts were also extremely busy; constant running back and forth and dealing with problem guests.  However, the positive side of that is that the shifts went by pretty quickly.

I was able to go and hang out with one of my colleagues and a mutual friend on Wednesday night and had a blast.  I had been a little down about working so much and other random life stressors, but this washed all of those worries away.  We went to this really cool western bar and had s’mores and a 3-foot thing of cotton candy; went to play pool; chilled by the pier and got to see a mother seal teach her baby how to swim in the waves; and then drove down to this beautiful lagoon I had never been to and watched the waves crash over the jetty.  It was such an amazing night! I didn’t even make it home until about 4am.

The next day I went with my mom to our local wine country.  I’m so glad I made it there before I left for Europe! I got to revisit some of my favorite wineries and we went out for a really nice lunch and had lobster mac n cheese.  Now I can compare California and Spanish wines 😉

After my last day of work on Friday, my colleague took me out for drinks.  She was so incredibly sweet and got me a going away gift of fluffy socks, an awesomely patterned microfiber pillow case, and a little stuffed kitten to remind me of her.  I’m going to miss her so much, and she just helped remind me that there are good people out there and that I will be missed. Its not how many friends you have, but how good your friends are to you.

This weekend I also got to see Chris for the last time.  We went on a Sunset Wine & Fondue cruise which was a really cool experience and then the next day did a painting class (my finished ‘masterpiece’ shown above).  He was incredibly sweet to me and I enjoyed our time together.  He tried giving me a parting gift of a photo he has of him as a baby with his mom and dad; one of the rare photos he has of his mom.  He said he chose that so that I knew he intended on seeing me again when I get back. I couldn’t accept it, though, just in case worst case scenario my luggage was stolen or something.  We parted on good terms and it’ll be interesting to see how things go from here.

Well, tonight is my last night in the good ol’ US of A! I spent today doing some last minute shopping (an extra adapter, SD card, exchanged money, etc.) and am about to go to one of my favorite places for happy hour right on the water. I can’t believe how close I am to leaving! One thing that is slightly worrisome is that the program told me I’d be getting the host family information 8-10 days before the program start date on the 26th… however, today is the 23rd and I leave the country tomorrow and still haven’t heard anything. Luckily they responded to me pretty quickly and apologized for the delay; hopefully I will receive that info tonight!

This is all so surreal… I think I’m a little numb to the reality of it all.  Two days from now I will be in Barcelona on my own! What an adventure I’m about to embark on…! 🙂


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